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The Data Protection Authority has established a project environment for artificial intelligence that makes use of personal data — a sandbox. This regulatory sandbox provides free guidance to a handful of carefully selected companies, of varying types and sizes, across different sectors.

The goal is to promote the development of innovative artificial intelligence solutions that, from a data protection perspective, are both ethical and responsible. The sandbox helps individual organizations ensure compliance with relevant regulations and the development of solutions that take privacy into account. We use examples and insights arising from sandbox projects to develop guidelines relevant for organizations implementing artificial intelligence and to further develop our own competence in this area.

The sandbox open for new applicants

Once again it is possible to apply for participation in the DPA's sandbox for artificial intelligence. The deadline is March 25, and potential applicants must be ready to explore the privacy of their project together with the Data Protection Authority from June.

The sandbox open for new applicants

Greetings from Elisabeth Denham, ICO

- Bright future for Norwegian AI

President of Tekna, Lise Randeberg, believes the sandbox will play a crucial role in converting political strategies into progress in practice.