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The sandbox has been evaluated

The report is now available, after the regulatory sandbox's efforts to ignite innovation of privacy enhancing artificial intelligence has been evaluated. The Norwegian Data Protection Authority's director sees the report as confirmation that the work being done in the sandbox is good, and that the direction is correct and important.  

line 300x300.jpg– We often get high fives for what's happening in and around the sandbox. It's still good to be confirmed that what we do is useful, that we have good drive and good direction. And it's great when that confirmation comes from someone who doesn't just try to be nice, but from someone who has a thorough overview of what we're doing, says NDPA's director Line Coll.

The report also gives some specific advice on how the sandbox might get even more privacy-friendly AI for its money. There are, for example, tips on priorities and on target groups we should focus on.

– These advices are useful, and we have brought them into the work of rigging the sandbox as a permanent offer for guidance integrated into the rest of the Norwegian Data Protection Authority's organisation, says Coll.

Experienced, external eyes

Agenda Kaupang has carried out the evaluation task. The consulting company is a very experienced one in evaluation, investigation and analysis of the public sector.

One of the goals of the evaluation was to get an assessment of the work that has been done with and in the sandbox, since the project started in 2020. But equally important is the input on how we can improve the sandbox as an innovation and knowledge-promoting measure.

Agenda Kaupang conducted interviews with relevant sources and reviewed documents from the work. In addition, they carried out a survey, hoping to get an indication of the extent to which the sandbox reaches out - both with information about the sandbox as an offer, but also with the knowledge that is generated and should be shared.