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How to complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority

Norway's data protection and privacy regulations shall protect individuals against personal data being processed in a way that violates their privacy rights. If you have experienced something that you believe is a violation of the regulations, you can send us a written complaint.

If you wish to formally complain about something you believe is a breach of Norway's data protection and privacy regulations, you can use our digital form. However the form is only available in Norwegian, and it requires that you can identify yourself via BankID (ID-porten). If you're not able to do so, you must send a written inquiry to our postal address:

PO Box 458 Sentrum
0105 Oslo

Before you complain to us

To ensure efficient case processing, we ask that you contact the data controller (company, company, firm, institution, company, association, person or similar) before you complain to us. Often this will resolve the case. We recommend that you attach relevant correspondence with the controller for processing and any other documentation. You must describe what the complaint is about.

Include the following in the complaint:

  • Who you are complaining about - name of company
  • A description of what the complaint is about
  • Your contact information (name, phone and postal address only)
  • Any documentation of correspondence with the company

Several companies are also required to have a Data Protection Officer who acts as a contact person for questions about the processing of personal data and the rights you have under the General Data Protection Regulation. Therefore, check if the company has a privacy representative or other contact points. We strongly recommend that you contact the Data Protection Officer for assistance before you complain to us.


The Norwegian Data Protection Authority is subject to the Public Administration Act and the Public Access to Information Act in our case processing. This means that your contact with us and any case documents may be subject to freedom of information requests.