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Miljø- og Kvalitetsledelse AS fined

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority has fined the company Miljø- og Kvalitetsledelse AS EUR 3,500 (NOK 35,000) for illegal distribution of personal data from camera recordings.

Miljø- og Kvalitetsledelse operates a car wash. When a payment terminal was vandalised, recordings and data from the cash wash’s CCTV camera system were sent to the employer of the person the company believed had committed the vandalism.

Lacked legal basis

The Data Protection Authority concluded that the disclosure lacked legal basis, and was in violation of Article 6(1) and Article 5(1)(a) of the GDPR. The recordings had already been handed over to the police, and their disclosure to the data subject’s employer was unnecessary for the purpose of preventing vandalism or resolving the case.

We have given weight to the fact that the disclosure of personal data concerning alleged or suspected criminal offences to the data subject’s employer will often be experienced as personally distressing and could have an impact on the data subject’s employment relationship.

Fined under previous legislation

The infringement occurred before the GDPR went into effect on 20 July 2018. The fine was therefore imposed at the level practised under previous legislation.