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Secure Practice – exit report

Next steps

In the sandbox, Secure Practice has explored issues they had in the product development process where built-in privacy is crucial. By taking initiative for this project and remaining at the forefront, Secure Practice can use the results to ensure that the new service they are launching provides effective protection of privacy from the start.

This exit report is important for clarifying the prohibition against monitoring in the Email Monitoring Regulation. The Norwegian Data Protection Authority will share experiences from the project with the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion which is responsible for the Regulation and give the Ministry the opportunity to clarify the rules.

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority is also working to update the information on privacy in the workplace on the website. More than a quarter of inquiries to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority’s guidance services and a large number of complaints concern this topic. In 2021 alone, 1677 questions about privacy in the workplace were received, so this is an important topic to spread awareness about.