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Framework for the Regulatory Sandbox

General participation criteria

There are some general criteria all sandbox participants must meet. In addition, selection will be based on whether the issues addressed by the project could have relevance for others to achieve the inclusion of a wide range of organizations.

Sandbox projects must:

  1. make use of artificial intelligence or otherwise involve artificial intelligence. Both projects developing new AI and projects using existing solutions based on artificial intelligence are eligible for participation in the sandbox. The development of frameworks or policies for the use of AI are also relevant sandbox themes.
  2. benefit individuals or society in general. This includes products or services that provide health benefits or streamline the use of public resources, or the product could be innovative, with a potential public benefit. In this context, innovation includes technological innovation or innovative new types of services or products. It also includes innovative solutions for the protection of privacy (read more about the term innovation at the bottom of this page).
  3. clearly benefit from participation in the sandbox. This means that the project must involve an issue that is clearly privacy-related, where the type of guidance provided by the Data Protection Authority could be useful. Participating organizations must have a project that is ready for sandbox participation and must allocate sufficient resources for participation in sandbox activities.
  4. be subject to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority as its competent supervisory authority. This means that the organization must be registered in Norway and subject to Norwegian data protection laws. If you are not sure whether your organization meets these criteria, please contact us at for more information.

In selecting projects for participation, the Data Protection Authority will attach importance to whether the project highlights relevant issues, or involves the use of technology and personal data, that may be useful for other organizations. Also, as previously mentioned, we want to include a broad selection of participants from both the private and the public sectors, as well as both large and small organizations.

Furthermore, the Data Protection Authority has a particular interest in addressing issues where there is uncertainty concerning how to interpret and implement regulations.

Innovation means to update or create something new to add value to organizations, society or the general public. Innovation is experimental in nature and solutions are not known in advance.

- Norwegian Digitalisation Agency (digdir.no)