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We only accept invoices based on EHF - Electronic Invoicing Format.

Companies must send sale invoices and credit memos to the Norwegian public sector electronically in the Elektronisk Handelsformat (EHF) based on Universal Business Language (UBL). If a company does not send these documents electronically, the authorities can deny payment.

Foreign companies often use PEPPOL BIS for electronic invoices. In such cases, you may need a country code together with the organization number.

The Norwegian country code is 0192.
(With our organization number: 0192: 974 761 467).

Our invoice address

Datatilsynet, fakturamottak DFØ
Postboks 4746, Torgarden
7468 Trondheim

Organization number: 974 761 467

Read more about this and find out how to send an electronic invoice (anskaffelser.no)

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