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The Data Protection Authority shall facilitate protection of individuals from violation of their right to privacy through processing of their personal data

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The Data Protection Authority shall:

  • keep a systematic, public record of all processing that is reported or for which a licence has been granted
  • deal with applications for licences, receive notifications and assess whether orders shall be made in cases where this is authorized by law
  • verify that statutes and regulations which apply to the processing of personal data are complied with, and that errors or deficiencies are rectified
  • keep itself informed of and provide information on general national and international developments in the processing of personal data and on the problems related to such processing
  • identify risks to protection of privacy, and provide advice on ways of avoiding or limiting such risks
  • provide advice and guidance in matters relating to protection of privacy and the protection of personal data to persons who are planning to process personal data or develop systems for such processing, including assistance in drawing up codes of conduct for various sectors
  • on request or on its own initiative give its opinion on matters relating to the processing of personal data
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