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Project manager for the sandbox

We have hired Kari Laumann to lead our major investment in the development of responsible artificial intelligence.

- The sandbox is super exciting, and we are already well underway with the planning. In the sandbox, The Data Protection Authority will work directly with companies, which is a slightly new way of working for the Authority. It will be fun, says Kari Laumann.

The Data Protection Authority will now establish a project environment where companies can try out new products, technologies and services in dialogue with lawyers and technologists in the audit.

- We will offer guidance and exchange experiences with a selection of companies. The goal is to stimulate innovation of ethical and responsible artificial intelligence from a privacy perspective, says Laumann.

Kari Laumann is a sociologist, and comes from the position of director of privacy at Telenor Asia in Thailand. She has previously been employed as a social scientist in the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, and at the time worked with studies and the development of new initiatives across disciplines. Kari also worked in the Technology Council for a number of years where she advised Stortinget on the social consequences of new technology.  

- I am very happy that Kari will lead this important project. She has very good knowledge of privacy and artificial intelligence. In addition, she knows the business world well and has experience from one of Norway's most innovative companies, says director Bjørn Erik Thon.

Interdisciplinary work

The sandbox will be open to private and public companies, across different sectors, which use personal information. The purpose is to develop non-profit and innovative services with good privacy.

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority is one of the first authorities in Europe to receive funding to establish a regulatory sandbox for privacy and artificial intelligence. In addition to the project manager, the employees from the Norwegian Data Protection Authority consist of an interdisciplinary team of lawyers, technologists, communication staff and social scientists who will provide guidance to and exchange experience with the project participants.

- We are now in the planning phase and we look forward to the work of connecting with external actors. The plan is to open for applications for participation in early December, says Laumann.