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Oslo's public transport company Ruter is experiencing a decline in the use of public transport. They want to use artificial intelligence in an attempt to understand the customers' needs and movement patterns, in order to be able to improve the offer of public transport or other shared mobility. The Ruter app is the key, which should both provide the public transport company with useful information about travel habits and at the same time provide users with personalized services.


In Ruter, the project is a collaboration between Mirjam Jarbo (product manager for travel information), Jawad Saleemi (data science) and Svend Wandaas (legal services).

They have answered three questions about the project:

What is the essence of the project?

Ruter_JawaadSaleemi_600p.jpg- The starting point for the project is that Ruter, through the use of machine learning on centrally stored data and particularly location data, wants to give customers contextual and personal travel suggestions. In order for us to be able to do this, we must ask the customers for consent to collect data for the design and training of an AI algorithm. Together with the Data Protection Authority, we want to work actively in various phases of the work with issues related to explainability, purpose limitation, data minimization and consent.

What is it like to be one of the selected projects?

Ruter_SvendWandaas_600p.jpg- We regard the regulatory sandbox as an important opportunity to discuss and work on challenging issues related to privacy and artificial intelligence. We want to develop the best services for our customers. In a market where our services are increasingly digitized, it is important for us to be a reliable and serious company, who takes the customer's privacy seriously. At the same time, we are dependent on using the same technological tools as larger, global providers in order to be relevant, and give our customers the services they expect from us in the best possible way. Therefore, it is great that through this project we get the opportunity to discuss practical issues and dilemmas directly with the DPA.

What kind of help do you hope to get in the sandbox?

- The project raises several different issues related to the use of artificial intelligence. In particular, we hope to gain more insight into how we work with purpose limitation and consent when there is a hypothesis that AI/machine learning on collected data about customers' travel patterns can be used in other contexts that will be of great value to our customers. As analysis and traffic planning, offer improvements, customer segmentation or as a basis for offering the customer a ticket that is adapted to the customer's travel pattern. Furthermore, we want to understand more about how we will handle this type of personal data, for example when it comes to storage, processing and encryption.