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Doorkeeper is a new company, which started up when covid-19 showed that there is a great need in modern society for touch-free solutions for everything from access to service and action. They want to explore the regulations surrounding the use of intelligent video analysis, IVA.

The technology makes it possible to process video in real time in the camera itself, without having to send information out of the device for central processing and storage. It also provides the possibility of blurring faces/people in real time, in addition to better detection of the dangerous/unwanted events providing sharper triggering of recordings and storage of recordings.

Doorkeeper's CTO Andreas Svoor has answered three questions about the project:

What is the essence of the project?

- We will look at how we can increase privacy in both existing camera systems and facilitate good solutions in new ones. Unfortunately, there is a large unexplored area between camera surveillance and AI systems, which we want to explore in order to strengthen both the industry, but also personal safety in the form of privacy and protection against unwanted incidents.

What is it like to be one of the selected projects?

Doorkeeper_Andreas_600p.jpg- It feels good to be trusted to explore the regulations around the use of IVA, intelligent video analysis, to promote privacy in modern camera systems together with the Data Protection Authority. Especially because this is an area with a lot of uncertainty in our industry and with great potential both when it comes to increased security, but also when it comes to sustainability and reducing unnecessary use of resources. There were many good candidates and we are therefore very proud to be one of the lucky few who get to take part in this round in the sandbox. The DPA provides expertise and a skilled professional environment, and it is therefore incredibly exciting to be able to discuss and challenge ourselves and the regulations together with them.

What kind of help do you hope to get in the sandbox?

- We hope to find out how to take care of modern requirements and western values ​​with regard to GDPR and privacy in a safe way, without excluding modern technology and innovation and the opportunities it brings. This could be, for example, detection of fire and smoke in large open spaces and facades, which we now see can be difficult to comply with today's solutions and interpretations of the regulations.