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Private use of cloud services

If, as a private individual, you are going to use cloud-based data storage solutions, you should ask yourself the following questions:

User terms and conditions: What do the user terms and conditions say? Should I be worried about any of them? Do I understand them?

Reliability: How reliable does the service provider seem? Do I know anyone who can advise me on whether the service is appropriate for my purposes?

Security: How well does the service provider seem to handle the issue of security? How easy does it look for unauthorised individuals to gain access to the system? Will the data I want to store be adequately secured? It is a good idea to seek the advice of others who are knowledgeable about security.

Password: It is a good sign if the service provider sets a standard for the quality of any passwords. Does it seem as though the service provider is handling this in a good way?

Rights: What rights do I have if all the data I have stored with the service are lost? Do the terms and conditions say anything about this? Do I have my own backup copy?

Legislation: Which country is the service based in? Who can help me if anything should go wrong? In principle, with cloud-based solutions the data could be stored anywhere in the world, and the rules applicable abroad may be different to those that apply in Norway.