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From the Norwegian context

Can we use cloud computing services? Privacy blog, 13 October 2015:  (in Norwegian)

The cloud computing strategy for Norway

European and international guidelines

European Article 29 Working Party and the international Berlin Group's assessments of cloud computing.

The EU’s Recommendations on Cloud Computing and Safe Harbor

Code of conduct

At the European level there is a working group called the Cloud Select Industry Group (C-SIG) which, together with the European Commission, is working on a Code of Conduct for providers of cloud computing services. This will involve service providers having a uniform practice with regard to compliance with privacy regulations in Europe. The Article 29 Working Party will then determine whether this Code of Conduct is sufficient to address the uncertainties and issues which have been practised over a long period. So far, the Article 29 Working Party has not approved this Code of Conduct, but it has issued a statement on what elements must be included before it can be approved.

The Article 29 Working Party’s statement on C-SIG Code of Conduct on Cloud Computing