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  • Privacy information falls short in mobile health devices Privacy information falls short in mobile health devices

    The Norwegian Data Protection Authority has checked how six different devices that helps you measure your health vitals communicate privacy related matters to their customers.

  • Tracking in public spaces Tracking in public spaces

    The use of tracking technologies in public spaces is on the rise. This has adverse consequences for the right to privacy and may in some cases be unlawful.

  • The Great Data Race The Great Data Race

    A data race is taking place in the media and advertising industry. In the years to come, companies will be able to harvest even more personal data. But does the consumer want the targeted ads she gets as a result?

  • Big Data – privacy principles under pressure

    Big Data is a concept that refers to the enormous increase in access to and automated use of information. It refers to the gigantic amounts of digital data controlled by companies, authorities and other large organisations, which are subjected to extensive analysis based on the use of algorithms. 

  • What happens with personal information in Facebook?

    In 2010, the Norwegian Data Protection Authority conducted a case study of Facebook from a privacy point of view. The case study resulted in the report "Social Network Services and Privacy".